Dublin City Play Strategy Online Surveys

Following on from the Dublin City Play Plan; Play here, Play there, Play Everywhere 2012 – 2017 Dublin City Council are developing an Implementation Strategy which will include a comprehensive action plan from 2019 onwards.  As part of the development of the Play Strategy, DCC Parks & Landscape Services – Play Development want to involve the wider community , especially children and young people in ‘having their say’ regarding the development of Dublin as a child friendly and playful city.


The online consultation questionnaire for the Dublin City Play Strategy is now live and we encourage parents, carers, providers and especially children and young people to participate in this process. The online consultation questionnaires are for specific categories; adults/parents/carers, younger children under 12 years and older children 12 years plus. The consultation questionnaire can be accessed via http://www.dublincity.ie/playstrategy

Please join in this consultation process and be part of shaping Dublin as a child friendly and playful city!

The Not Too Late Show

The senior students from classes M2, R1, S1, S2, S3 and School Leavers watched a play about climate change and how to save the Earth by remembering the 4 R's : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair. Many thanks to Robert and the actors from Down to Earth Theatre Company for a really entertaining, informative performance. Our students enjoyed the chat on The Not Too Late Show with Stephen Seagull, Paula Bear and friends. They were excellent audience members and learned a lot too! 

Disco in the Dark!! Friday 14 December 2018

Michelle Monahan and Eimear Mullen had a wonderful idea in September to do “something positive for the pupils” and they did!! The disco gave our our pupils who like to dance a “something” for them and their friends at school to enjoy together…. and they did! It was a fabulous night during which everyone danced their socks off to the music supplied by Mariusz and assisted by Karen (SNA and Deputy Principal during the day), DJs at night!!!

Michelle and Emer’s partners co-ordinated transport, helped by Keith Hooper, and made sure everyone arrived and left safely.

Thanks to the teachers, SNAs and Úna our cleaner, who gave up their Friday night to make sure that our pupils had a good time! Thanks to parents, aunties, uncles, grannies and grandads who all came to drink, coffee and dance and make sure their person was having a good time!!

Click on the photo below to get a flavour of the day and evening and as it unfolded and finished with “goodie bags” prepared by Emer Hooper, Úna and their team!!

JohnPaul - Playground Fixers

Very late last Friday, two men with a van arrived to “look at the playground”!!

On Monday afternoon we were told some people would call after school to “have a look” but no need for anyone to meet them… they arrived again very early on Tuesday morning, in the dark and at 8.15 we heard “All done”!… All was done!! The playground fixers had come, looked, fixed and were about to go. Karen and I persuaded them to pose for a photo to prove they were here.

Thank you John Paul, our very neighbourly neighbours!

P.S. Our playground is back being fully used again!.

JohnPaul playground fixers! Dec 2018.jpg

Winner!! Skills and Opportunities Fund Grant!

We are so lucky to have been selected as one of the winning organisations by Ulster Bank. Thanks to all who voted, and who encouraged others to vote for our project. This funding is going to enhance our Out and About Programme and assist our pupils to access hands-on Mathematical equipment and technology to help them as they prepare for the world after school. We hope to equip each pupil with a really good grounding in managing their money effectively and safely to the best of their ability. This will happen in every single class in the school. It’s so exciting to think of all the additional resources the school will have as a result of this fabulous grant. Thank you Ulster Bank!

Click on the photo below to see just how excited we are!

Our Neighbours and Friends

John Paul Photo.jpg

Our neighbours and friends!

Our very friendly neighbours from JohnPaul Construction came to the cake sale…. it was really lovely to see so many of them. They usually come in ones or twos! They really surprised us by giving the school a very generous donation from “everyone across the road”! We will choose one thing from our very long wish list for the school! Thank you so much.

Cake Sale- 30 November 2018

Thanks to everyone who came to the cake sale… who baked, bought, made sandwiches, tea, coffee, who sold and particularly everyone who came and chatted and spent time enjoying our company as much as we enjoyed yours! There was a lovely positive atmosphere in the school all day. It’s a day that all our pupils look forward to. They love sharing their school with everyone! In particular thanks to Denise who co-ordinates the entire event. It’s a huge undertaking each year but she does it with as big a smile as you see below with all the raffle hampers!!

Congratulations to all those who won a hamper… or two… or three!! It looks like Coco the dog will h the lovely bike he won for his family!!! Many thanks to Robert from JohnPaul construction who so generously donated it to the school.

cakes on stand- 30 Nov 2018.jpg

Cake heaven

in Islandbridge!

mark denise Bike 30 Nov 2018.jpg

And the winner is…..

Coco’s family! Happy cycling!

Annual Sponsored Walk

Our Annual Sponsored Walk will take place on Thursday 21 June at 11.00 a.m. Everyone will participate to complete the journey to the Memorial Gardens, around it and return to school. It's another opportunity for the entire school to participate in a very enjoyable and sociable event!

This year, funds raised will fund the School Football team. Money raised will be used to pay for  costs associated with our participation in the Inter-Schools League and purchase any equipment and/or kit as needed.

We are very grateful to parents, families and friends of our school who are very generous with their support.

We look forward to a fine day that everyone will enjoy!

park islandbridge.jpg