Our School Rules

Our School Rules!

  1. Be Nice

  2. Keep Yourself Healthy and Safe

  3. Be Careful of our Things

  4. Be Calm

  5. Work Quietly

  6. Do Your Best

  7. Do Not Hurt Other People

  8. Tell The Truth

  9. Listen to Your Teachers

We have a Prize-Giving Ceremony every Friday Afternoon. Each class teacher will announce which student kept the "Rule of the Month" in their class. The Winner will sit on the Winner's Bench in front of the whole school! They will receive a Certificate and a small prize eg., a pencil or box of raisins, in keeping with our School's Healthy Eating Policy. The winners will all dance to the Winner's Song when all the Prizes have been given out. There are also prizes for Out & About Student of the Week, Cookery Student of the Week, Bus Student of the Week, Swimming Student of the Week. 

Photos of the Pupils of the Week will be on display on the Prize- Giving Notice Board in the Main Corridor for all of our visitors to see! 

Remember- it might be your turn to win next week!