The Senior Classes in the School, from M2 to the School Leavers participate in the Out & About Programme in our School. This programme is key to the independence and confidence of our students when they leave school.

The programme begins with our students attending the Staff Canteen to learn how to make tea, sit and chat socially and tidy up after themselves. They learn how to identify coins and the steps involved in using the vending machines. 

The classes go out and about to learn how to be good pedestrians and how to cross the road safely. They buy items in a nearby shop; looking after their money, queuing appropriately, paying properly and engaging the staff when they need assistance. 

Over the years, the students progress to walking to nearby cafés and reading the menus and managing their money by saving in the Post Office. The classes begin going to town on the bus and visit various restaurants to practise reading different menus. The students engage in personal exercises such as getting their feet measured, learning their coat sizes, making appointments in the hairdressers before they go to the Debs Ball! They shop for groceries in Tescos for their weekly Cookery class. They save in the Post Office and budget when shopping for Christmas Presents for their families.